Adoption fees covered Saturday at some animal shelters

Are you thinking of adding a furry friend to your family? Who would not be gratified at the sight of a happy dog who can’t wait to greet you at the end of a hard day? Dogs share our lives in a way that most other animals can’t, and their faithful companionship is something you can’t

Plano Vet Warns of Deadly Disease After Two Dogs Die

Yesterday, Oct 18, a collin veterinarian announces and warns pet owners about this rare disease after he confirmed two cases that left two dogs dead. It’s alarming to know that it may kill more! According to Dr. Shawn Messonier of the Paws and Claws Clinic Plano, the dogs had contracted leptospurosis which is a bacterial


[Video] Great Dane Puppy Refuses To Wake Up

There are mornings when you don’t want to leave your bed, let alone your house – we have all been there. What comes as a surprise is that dogs have those days, too! This adorable Great Dane puppy is too tired to get out of bed, and argues with his human friends about it. Just like a


A Man Adopted a Free Puppy and Later Found Out It Was Actually a Wolf

If you are looking for a new canine companion, a sign reading “free puppy” is really fortunate, and one you can never ignore. The lure that comes with the promise of a new pup’s all-around cuteness is enough to get anyone in the door. That was the story of a Tucson, Arizona man who adopted


[Video] Shiba Inu Puppy Discovers Mirror

Oh this fantastic video I found on YouTube is just too cute for words, but here are some words anyway, lucky you! Eevee, the adorable 8 week old Shiba Inu, has just discovered a new puppy pal to play with, or so she thinks. This playful pup has in fact encountered a mirror for the first

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Harlow, the amazing service dog, help her chronically ill owner

We all know that a dog’s loyalty towards their human is incomparable. But this adorable Golden Retriever named Harlow, outranks them all! He was trained as a service dog to help her human who is chronically ill, with daily chores. Harlow is only a year old but is already extremely crafty, and her biggest talent