Boston police officers cover vet bill for dog who “took a bullet” for his owner

To read stories like this on the news brightens up my day. I mean, we always hear killings, robbery…and politics. It’s good to hear stories that give good vibes and positivity.

The hero’s name is Fellony, a 10-month old, 90 pound mixed breed. According to his owner, he took a bullet to his leg when gunfire broke out on the street, stepping in front of his owner protectively, three Boston police officers stepped up to get him the help he needed.

Office David Lanteigne said at a press conference in the wake of the incident, “If he wasn’t in front of his owner at the time who knows what would have happened.” “He was limping, and you could tell that he had obvious signs of distress. He was panting, drooling. He was 
possibly in shock, but he was with it.”

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An innocent young woman and a family dog were struck with bullets after an argument erupted in gunfire in a Boston neighborhood last month.


According to CBS Boston, police were searching for suspects in the shooting of 18-year-old Dashaye Mizhari, who ended up in the intensive care unit. The teenager was reportedly shot three times as she ran for cover.


But officers believe there could have been at least one more person injured if it weren’t for a 10-month-old mastiff mix named Felony.


When Boston police officers arrived on the scene in Dorchester, Massachusetts, the dog’s owner told police the pup jumped in front of him.


“The way I look at it is that dog put himself in front of his owner and took a bullet for him,” Officer David Lanteigne said at a press conference later that day.


After making sure the shooting victim was transported to the hospital by EMS, the cops rushed the dog – which had been shot in his front leg – and his owner to the Angell Animal Medical Center, where they were told Felony would need an expensive surgery.


The dog’s owner said he didn’t have the funds to pay for treatment.


That’s when the three officers decided to step in and split the costs.



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