California first dog Sutter Brown critically ill

Here’s a sad news from Just last Tuesday, California Gov. Jerry Brown’s dog, Sutter, had fallen critically ill and is facing a bleak prognosis.

Sutter turned 13 last month. For the past several years, the Democratic governor, now 78, has promoted Sutter on social media, featured his image on budget-related trading cards and employed the dog in get-out-the-vote efforts.

According to Brown’s spokesman Evan Westrup, Sutter was rushed to an animal hospital last week and underwent emergency surgery. Veterinarians removed several masses suspected to be cancer from his intestines, lymph nodes and liver.

Westrup says the Browns are awaiting biopsy results but “the prognosis is likely to be very poor.”


One of the most popular figures in California politics has fallen critically ill – despite having been a very good boy.


First dog Sutter Brown, a Pembroke Welsh corgi belonging to Gov. Jerry Brown, underwent emergency surgery last weekend to remove masses in his intestines, lymph nodes and liver that were “most likely cancer,” spokesman Evan Westrup said in an email.


“While Sutter pulled through surgery, the vets were not able to remove all of the cancer and his condition remains critical,” Westrup said.


A common sight in the state Capitol, 13-year-old Sutter has done more than bring petting-based relief to overworked staffers. He has also been put to use to advance Brown’s agenda, helping to sell the governor’s tax hike proposal and then appearing on cards, handed out during Brown’s State of the State address, urging lawmakers to “keep new spending on a short leash.”


Judging by social media, Sutter is an extremely well-liked pooch: He has nearly 10,000 followers, more than most lawmakers.


His passing could deal a blow to the other gubernatorial dog, Colusa Lucy Brown, the “deputy first dog” Brown and his wife acquired in 2015. Westrup said her “spirits have been very low” in Sutter’s absence.


“The first dog is a fighter and we’re all pulling for him,” Westrup said.


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