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[Video] Run Walter, Run!

How do you think it would feel like, if you could sit on the back of a Labrador in full speed downhill? Hold your breath… the video in this post is awesome! A light weight camera was mounted to the back of Walter, a Labrador from Sicily. Then let loose to run full speed downhill towards the beach,

[Video] Irish Terrier Gets His Sight Back

After an Irish Terrier called Duffy had lost his sight his family decided to take action to make this playful pup happy again. A rescue dog who struggles with his health, Duffy developed diabetes, but with the help from vets and medication his diabetes was soon stable enough for this lucky pup to qualify for

[Video] Dancing Shelter Dog

This adorable little homeless hound, aptly nick-named Ginger Rogers by the shelter who found her, has some smooth moves when it comes to dancing! Found with no tags or a microchip, near to an animal shelter in Florida with heart worm disease, Ginger Rogers has stolen the hearts of people world wide with her amazing