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[Video] Great Dane Puppy Refuses To Wake Up

[Video] Great Dane Puppy Refuses To Wake Up

There are mornings when you don’t want to leave your bed, let alone your house – we have all been there. What comes as a surprise is that dogs have those days, too! This adorable Great Dane puppy is too tired to get out of bed, and argues with his human friends about it. Just like a

[Video] Two-Legged Dog Escapes Euthanasia

Dog Escapes Euthanasia: Deuce the puppy is peculiar in many ways. The first thing you notice about him is that his front legs are missing. The beautiful thing is that he doesn’t allow that to stop him from being your normal, adorable puppy. What’s more, he has now found a loving family that will adopt him. As

[Video] Pinwheel of Puppies Enjoying Dinner

Dogs are known for their greediness. But as a group of adorable Doberman puppies in Romania showed, it is possible for even the youngest of dogs to learn to share. Footage shows the puppies’ owner placing down a huge circular container full of food for the hungry pups. And, rather than one of them jumping

[Video] Dog Works Its Bubble Butt

We already had a booty-shaking pooch here on Watch This Dog, but as they say – you can never have too many dogs shaking butts! and Who says you have to be human to know how to twerk? This little corgi watched enough Miley Cyrus videos to pick up some moves, and now he’s ready to show