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Euthanizing – The Difficult Choice

Euthanizing – The Difficult Choice

The day you fear the most Maxime-Claude L’Écuyer’s deep 13-minute short Suki (2012) examines this challenging situation with one man’s inner struggle as he is faced with the eventuality of euthanizing his pet dog. Mathieu Leclerc (played by Benoit Saint-Hillare) is a concerned man; he is aware that his companion Suki is dying. Wearily, yet

[Video] Dog Works Its Bubble Butt

We already had a booty-shaking pooch here on Watch This Dog, but as they say – you can never have too many dogs shaking butts! and Who says you have to be human to know how to twerk? This little corgi watched enough Miley Cyrus videos to pick up some moves, and now he’s ready to show

[Video] If Dogs And People Switched Places At The Vet

Pets really don’t like going to the vet. They don’t like being touched by people they don’t know and they especially don’t like getting their injections. In his latest sketch, French comedian Rémi Gaillard took a step away from the comedy to create a video with a philosophical message Remember that classic Twilight Zone episode when all the regular people were