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Harlow, the amazing service dog, help her chronically ill owner

Harlow, the amazing service dog, help her chronically ill owner

We all know that a dog’s loyalty towards their human is incomparable. But this adorable Golden Retriever named Harlow, outranks them all! He was trained as a service dog to help her human who is chronically ill, with daily chores. Harlow is only a year old but is already extremely crafty, and her biggest talent

California first dog Sutter Brown critically ill

Here’s a sad news from Just last Tuesday, California Gov. Jerry Brown’s dog, Sutter, had fallen critically ill and is facing a bleak prognosis. Sutter turned 13 last month. For the past several years, the Democratic governor, now 78, has promoted Sutter on social media, featured his image on budget-related trading cards and employed the

SPCA in Annapolis takes in S.C. dogs fleeing Hurricane Matthew

On Wednesday, when Hurricane Matthew was approaching the coast, authorities ordered the evacuation of some million people, about half of them in the Jacksonville area. Residents are fleeing their homes, and animal shelters are also being evacuated in order to stay out of the storm’s way. Some crisis shelters accepted pets, as long as they

Boston police officers cover vet bill for dog who “took a bullet” for his owner

To read stories like this on the news brightens up my day. I mean, we always hear killings, robbery…and politics. It’s good to hear stories that give good vibes and positivity. The hero’s name is Fellony, a 10-month old, 90 pound mixed breed. According to his owner, he took a bullet to his leg when