EXCLUSIVE: Cop abused his authority when he gunned down pit bull

The city’s Civilian Complaint Review Board has substantiated charges against the cop after a police officer shot and killed a pit bull during a domestic violence call in Bronx. It states that he abuse his authority by shooting a dog.

On February 13 of this year, Officer Ruben Cuesta entered an apartment building on East 183rd street in the Bronx to investigate a domestic violence call. Surveillance footage obtained by the Daily News shows Cuesta and his partner standing outside the door of an apartment. When the door opens, a black pit bull emerges and Cuesta immediately draws his weapon and retreats into the stairwell. The dog follows him, but is wagging his tail and does not appear to be aggressive. Cuesta shoots the 70-pound-dog, named Spike.

As horrible as it sounds, wait until you watch the surveillance footage on nydailynews.com


The city’s Civilian Complaint Review Board has substantiated charges against a cop who shot and killed a beloved pit bull approaching him in a Bronx apartment building.


In findings acquired by the Daily News, the CCRB said Police Officer Ruben Cuesta abused his authority when he pumped a bullet into the pit bull’s head.


Cuesta and his partner were investigating a domestic violence call inside an apartment building on E. 183rd St. on Feb. 13 when he shot Yvonne Rosado’s 4-year-old pit bull Spike.


A surveillance video The News obtained shows Cuesta backing away from Spike — then shooting the 70-pound pooch from a few feet away as he slowly approached, wagging his tail.


Along with substantiating abuse of authority complaints, the CCRB recommended that Cuesta, who joined the NYPD in 2008, be retrained.


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Image source: NYdailynews.com


  1. Judy A Vroom said:

    I swear,there are some folks who should not be a cop. Honest. He could’ve told a family member to kennel up their dog first. WTF!

  2. Susan Owens said:

    Fucking pigs take this badge to far they even abuse there own dogs. They don’t deserve the job that they have. But not saying a cops are this way but hey if the shoe fits where it. The pup was not hurting no one.

  3. Dagi Brost said:

    he needs to get fired charged and never be aloud to be a cop again any place else that scumba9g hevis not fit to were a badge he is a disgrace to any police force that happens way to much in my eyes that monster of a cop deserves the same faith hope you burn in hell you evil monster you make me sick may you burn in hell and govto prison were some one show you some lesson you coward

  4. Beverly Hoffman Taub said:

    The video tells all you need to know. Dog was gunned down in cold blood. Dog was not aggressive, his tail was wagging, he meant no harm. This cop is guilty of shooting this dog without justification. This cop is obviously to quick to shoot and deserves to be charged and held accountable, he killed someone’s beloved pet

  5. Gloria Henrique said:

    That is my biggest fear of cops. I have a doberman that loves men. I don’t know what I would do if a policeman came and saw her and shot before I said anything.