[VIDEO] Heartbroken Dog Refuses To Leave Fallen Soldier

This is a video I have seen before that seems to be doing the rounds again. I personally think that everyone should watch this, but grab a box of tissues first! It’s a heartbreaker!

When Hawkeye, a beautiful Labrador Retriever, lost his best friend, Navy SEAL Officer Jon Tumilson (35), while deployed to Afghanistan, this loyal canine led the way in to the funeral of his favourite human and stayed close by the casket throughout the service.  When you make the commitment to love and care for a dog, they make the same vow back to you. This video only goes to show exactly how loyal and loving our dogs are and exactly why they are referred to as Man’s (or woman’s) Best Friend. My heart goes out to the family of this fallen soldier and to poor Hawkeye who will no longer be able to enjoy trips to the beach with his best friend.

Oh here I go again, better go find some more tissues! Have a look at the video below and give your four legged best friends some massive hugs!