[Images] 10 Reasons Labradors Are So Popular

The most popular choice for a family dog is, was and probably always will be the Labrador. Whether they prefer yellow/golden, chocolate or black, everyone with a lab will happily tell you what makes their dog so wonderful. But what is it about these beautiful dogs that make them the perfect family member? Well I was wondering about this after seeing several labradors on one short walk, so stuck my nose in and asked about, in that not so subtle way that I do.  One thing I do know for sure, it’s easy to get people talking about their dogs! I have here the Top Ten reasons that people choose a lab over other breeds of dog when searching for their four legged best friend. For those labrador lovers out there, I would love to know if there is anything else not mentioned here. Have a look below and let us know if we missed something out!


  1. They are so friendly!!! I don’t think I have ever met a lab that wasn’t happy to see me! (Image source: Flickr)Happy Labrador
  2. Labradors are well known for being easily trained either in the home or for an important job (Image source: Wikipedia)2
  3. They are good with children which makes them an excellent choice for a family pet ( Image source: Information About Dogs)default-ehow-images-a08-9n-hg-information-yellow-labrador-retrievers-800x800
  4. They are playful and always up for a game of fetch or chase! ( Image source: PixaBay)4
  5. They require very little grooming. A good brush every now and then is all they need. (Image source: Flickr)5
  6. They have a good lifespan of around 12 years (in many cases longer) so you will have a long time with your best friend 🙂 (Image source: Flickr)6
  7. They are very enthusiastic and happy to go for a walk or run in any weather! (Image source: Flickr)images
  8. They are incredibly smart so it comes as no shock they are often used as service dogs. ( Image source: Wikipedia)8
  9. Labradors are not yappy dogs and won’t constantly bark. ( Image source: Wikimedia)Aufnahmen von Sabrina
  10. Labradors are probably the most loyal dog around. Once you are friends with a lab, you are friends for life and they will stick with you through thick and thin. ( Image source: China Daily)0013729e4771128bb86e13


  1. Mavis Bradley said:

    I just adopted a yellow Lab mix yesterday at the animal shelter. She’s seven years old. Her owner died and now she has a grateful owner

  2. Mavis Bradley said:

    Mixed breeds are the best. They cancel out the negative traits like some pure breds are prone to get hip dysplasia, etc.
    I once had a dog that was half German Shepherd and half Golden Retriever.
    German Shepherds can be trigger happy and Goldens can have a odor. My mix was perfect. He was a therapy dog and he didn’t stink.. ha!