Postal Worker Uses Tear Gas on Dog, Claims It Was Done in Self-Defense

We all know that dogs will really bark at strangers, that includes postman. So, when I came across this news on, it made me sad and disappointed. I mean, what if he did that to my dog…I would be furious!

In Hialeah, Florida, a man claims a postal worker sprayed his dog with tear gas for no reason on Saturday.

Michael Rhoades noticed his 6-year old Belgian Malinois, Barney, was writhing on the ground in pain. He rushed outside where a postal worker admitted to spraying the dog in the face with a dog-repellent spray.

“They have every right to protect themselves, but when my dog’s inside its yard, that’s pretty much where her rights stop,” Rhoades explained to WPLG.


Michael Rhoades of Hilaleah, Florida, is trying to make sense of what happened to his dog Barney.


According to Local News 10, who reported the story, the man came out of his house on Saturday to find his Malinois in extreme discomfort and a postal worker standing nearby.


“I come out and I say, ‘Hey, did you just mace my dog?’ because he was writhing in pain on the ground,” Rhoades told the news station. “And she’s like, ‘Yes, I did.’”


Rhoades is shocked that a government employee would purposefully hurt Barney, who Rhoades says was behind the fence in his yard during the entire encounter.


“They have every right to protect themselves, but when my dog’s inside its yard, that’s pretty much where her rights stop,” Rhoades said.


The postal worker who sprayed the dog with tear gas maintains that she did so in self defense, when it looked like Barney was about to bite her. Local News 10 confirmed with the United States Postal Service that mail carriers do have repellent on hand, but are only supposed to use it when an animal attacks them.


“Last year, Postal Service employees nationwide sustained over 5,000 painful dog bite injuries,” U.S. Postal Service spokeswoman Debra Fetterly told Local 10 News. “The Postal Service’s priority is the safety and well-being of its employees, including our letter carriers who deliver the mail. Local postal officials are investigating this matter and will take appropriate action as warranted.”


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  1. Belinda Pishner Ayers said:

    I do not believe the postal employee handled this correctly. If you are that terrified of animals, I suggest you find another line of employment! The dog was in a fenced yard, their own yard, where they had every right to be…enough said.

  2. Nancylee Dupray Safi said:

    He was in a fenced yard could not get to her see no reason why she felt threatened.if he was loose it be different that’s just wrong poor thing. Will always hate a mail carrier cause of this.

  3. Rusty Carol Pegg Hart said:

    It would not happen to my dog, if she is out, I am with her. My postal carrier knows us and our dog. He is like family, we give him a gift at Christmas and when his family has added a child. He looks out for us and we care about him!

  4. Margaret Abeysekera said:

    Well let’s catch hold of that idiot postal man and do the same thing as he did it to the poor dog. Let him feel how it’s like to be sprayed. He should
    Also be punched and kicked throughlye

  5. Ann Thompson said:

    Fire that postman , dogs protect their home and family from strangers , he had No right to hurt this poor puppy , if it was my dog that postman would not deliver at my house again

  6. Alma Mckeown said:

    if the dog inside the fence why did he do it? he should be charge for that. any Residence you should CCTV out side of your house the you got evidence against the thug’s or idiot people like him

  7. Bobbie Boggs said:

    Yell the same thing happened to my dog but it was wise co dog warden Glen Atwood my dog is chained on my front porch he came up on my front porch and peppered sprayed my dog on my own propertyuncalled for. He said he was afaird he was gonna bite him that’s bullshit my dog don’t even bite he’s a big baby still mad over this bullshit

  8. Marcy Mcnally said:

    All I can say is if you think my 12 pound Maltese is going to cause you grievous injury and lifelong emotional trauma, then DON’T deliver my mail. I can go to the PO and pick it up.

    But spray him in the eyes like this and I’ll happily$#%&!@*your$#%&!@*up !

  9. Lori Ann said:

    Thank you. This is our baby girl. Tomorrow we are going to pick up another baby girl to add to our family. We hope it goes well. lol