[Video] 450 Rescued Dogs

Yeah, you read the title right. There is a shelter in Serbia which houses a massive four hundred and fifty of these beautiful dogs who would otherwise be left to fend for themselves. This extraordinary video shows how these dogs live life to fullest and make the best of every moment. Don’t worry, there are no small enclosures or cramped crates for these playful pups, they all run free! All day they get to run and play with each other and with their human carers. Much better than being locked up in a kennel environment, bored to tears every day! Many of these amazing dogs have never encountered human kindness or joy and arrived at the shelter with injuries, broken spirits and broken hearts, but just look at them now! Watch this video below and see how happy these lucky dogs are to be safe, fed and to have friends to play with.


To find out more about the shelter, please click here