[Video] Dog Runs To Bed When TV Is Turned Off

Falling asleep with the TV on can be very relaxing. But the moment the TV is turned off can be equally disturbing. That’s the case with Luke the dog. Every night he passes out by the TV. And when the TV is turned off he runs to bed.  Video uploaded to YouTube by Madison Blakey, whose mom owns Luke, shows the lolloping pup lounging around in the family’s living room night after night.

The moment that he hears the TV power down, he springs to life. Luke, it seems, can’t wait to go to bed – but he knows it won’t happen until the human he shares his house with is done watching TV. So each night the patient pup waits patiently in front of the television, sometimes curled up on a cushion, sometimes sprawled out like a quietly dozing rug. Then he hears the swirling swoosh of the TV being powered down – and he knows it’s bed time. Well, the time to take a walk over to the bedroom, that is. Watch Luke in action on the next page.

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