[Video] Excited Pug’s Reaction When He’s Taken To His Favourite Place

Have you ever surprised a child with a trip to their favourite play area or toy store? Or taken your girlfriend to a shoe store or jewellers? Maybe let your boyfriend run free in Game? Or in my case, visited the supermarket and bought an entire turkey for £4? (Yes…that really happened). If you have, did they get as excited as Captain the pug?

All it took was for Captains person to say the word “Petsmart” and this over excited pug lost his little mind! Clearly this is the place to be seen for these funny little dogs and this delighted pup couldn’t be happier to visit his friends at his favourite hangout. As soon as he enters the building, once he eventually manages to control his excitement and get out of the car, he knows exactly where he wants to go! I just love how this video shows that our furry little friends know exactly what is going on and what is being said, and even reply! I’m sure I heard him say “I’m ready!” more than once in this hilarious video clip.

Click below to watch the video and see if you hear it too!