[Video] Golden Retriever Catches Fish By Using Bread As Bait

Every kid learns at a young age that fish simply love bread. Who hasn’t gone to the park with their parents to feed the fish stale bread when they were a toddler? Incredibly, Rani the golden retriever has learned this fact as well. Some fishermen use a rod and reel to catch fish but this clever dog uses bread to bait her catch of the day.

Rani, a service dog in training, is captured on video as she is perched on the edge of the water with bread floating just below her mouth before grabbing a bluegill out of the water in one quick-motion.The golden retriever has apparently caught dozens of other fish and even some turtles.

Good dog! Watch as she snatches a big bluegill right out of the water. This two month old video has only gone viral now!


  1. Stew Robinson said:

    Well if she’s any thing like my Cocker that I had when I was a kid then she’s going to go roll on it up in the grass until her owner pukes from the smell. Pokey would hang out at the pond looking for frogs, snakes or anyting else to catch, kill and roll in!