[Video] Great Dane Talks Back To Human Dad

So we all know the situation well. Sibling rivalry, jealousy when you are spending time with one and the other throws a hissy fit to divert your attention towards them. They moan and whine and get sassy, answering back and being rude. Yep, we have all been there whether it is with children, friends or family, but what about if it is two rather large dogs. The largest of dogs. Great Danes.

When Dinky sees his best friend loving on his brother, he throws a bit of a tantrum with very comical results. Displaying the attitude, back chat and arguing you would expect from a teenager,  this gentle giant makes it very clear that he is not happy and wants in on the action. However, if you watch to the end of the video you will see that Dinky’s brother isn’t the innocent party in this fight for attention. When Dinky throws an almighty strop, his brother seems to notice and decides to roll over and rub it in his face a little. Exactly as human siblings would do. I’m sure I saw a smug little smirk in there too!


Check it out by clicking the video below.