[Video] Homeless Dog Given Second Chance

Oh my heart fell to pieces watching this video. This poor pooch lived his life alone, overlooked and living in an old cardboard box on the streets. He had no one to care for him, love him or help him. There is a bit where he tries to follow another dog but the other dog and his human just kept walking away. You can see how lonely he was and how much he just wanted a family of his own.

This lovely pup was ignored by the world for who knows how long before help finally came, although we just can’t work out why! He is adorable and so friendly and loving. We follow this charming little dogs story from homeless hound to pampered pooch with a little bit of help from love, trust and…no not pixie dust, dog biscuits! Now don’t get too upset watching this video, there is a happy ending to every fairytale. Buzu, as he was named, has a lovely new home!



  1. Ghada R Karajeh said:

    I’m not sure yet how people walk by any animal and can’t tell they have no one to take care of them?????? I’m not sure yet!!!! Is it ignorance !!!!