[Video] Huge Dog Takes Veterinarian For A Ride

The vet has one of the hardest jobs out there. At least regular doctors know that their patients understand they are on their side. But animals don’t always understand that. This vet was trying to hold a giant dog down so they could offer medical help.

The nurse was attempting to pin down the large canine while another vet approached to perform a small procedure. But the pooch soon realised what was happening and refused to keep still. In the footage, the nurse is seen struggling with the dog before it suddenly gets up and bolts out of the room – with the woman on its back.

Obviously the dog wasn’t for it, and even with the vet on its back it ran away. The security camera captured the entire scene that could fit in a cartoon scene.


  1. Lynda Theresa Tomlinson said:

    Did anyone try to communicate with the poor Dog??? Flower essence…anything but this??? I don’t know anyone who when pinned done in such a horrible fashion without compassion and understanding wouldn’t react tbe same way.