[VIDEO] 17 Soldiers Welcomed Home By Their Dogs

I came across this compilation video of soldiers being welcomed home by their four-legged best friends. I don’t know how long these men had been separated from their families for, but it is clear to see that every member of their families, especially those on four legs, are happy they are home. Dog lovers everywhere know the feeling of love they get get from their dogs the minute they step through the door, but these homecomings show the pure joy the dogs feel when reunited with their best friends.

This video is the perfect example to show that dogs do have emotions, they do love you unconditionally and they do remember you if you have been apart for a while. No chance any of the people featured in these clips have the “it’s just a dog” attitude. These dogs are family members, just as they should be!

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  1. Sharon Livingston said:

    Love these, I remember when my son came home on leave our retriever wouldn’t let him out of his sight for a minute, crying the whole time.

  2. Duane Beaty said:

    These type of videos always brings tears to my eyes. It just goes to show how our furbabies love us unconditionally even if our spouses won’t stick with us through our deployments.