[Video] Stray Dog Kicked By Driver And Returns with a Pack of Friends to Trash His Car.

At some point, you’ve probably seen stray dogs. Stray dogs may forage for food, stake out territory, breed, and have unwanted litters with transmittable diseases. Many dogs become homeless when they are separated from their owners, get lost, or escape. Life for a dog on the street is difficult, especially if they’re used to being cared for. If you see a stray dog, learn how to safely deal with the dog to protect yourself, the dog and anyone near you.

This man from china learns his lesson, when he kicked a stray dog he found lying on her favorite parking spot. However, as far as the dog was concerned, that was not the end. Looks to me he has pals on his back. And plan for revenge. Lol. It returned later on with its pals and proceeded to exact its plan of revenge. They chew and damage the fenders and wipers of the car belonging to his attacker and virtually trash his car!

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I don’t know about you, but why on earth the car owner felt he had to kick the dog to get his car space back is beyond me. There are so many other simple ways to fix that problem.

The lessons to learn from this are, stray dogs really do have a brain like any other dog, they have ended up on the streets because of people and we should treat them with Respect as a minimum measure!

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  1. Jan Keller said:

    Good for the dog and his friends he got part of what he deserved someone needs to give him a good kick see how he likes it what a jerk so sad we have to many of these evil people hurting poor little animals hope he had no insurance