Washington Post: Dog Halloween Costumes ‘Sexist’ for Perpetuating Gender Norms

Halloween is right around the corner — which you’ve known since August, when all the decorations started appearing in stores. We love Halloween for the candy, all things pumpkin, and the costumes — specifically dog costumes! There’s nothing better than seeing a smiley puppy dressed-up ready to fight crime, dressed-up as another animal, or dressed-up as food.

So, when I saw this article from BreitBart.com, it made me laugh (I thought it was a joke). However, I actually read it, just so maybe the writer has a good point. Yet, I just don’t get it! Dogs do not have career options. And to the extent that they have career options, those careers should be directed toward biting dog Halloween costume police. I mean, rather than the stupid argument, why won’t they just write about the rampant animal abuse nowadays than..this?! There are so many things to talk about that may help our canine friends.

The Washington Post gave social justice cry-bullies a platform a while back resulting in a tidal torrent of stupidity. If you want to read about the article I’m talking about, here is it:


The Washington Post has published a piece questioning whether costumes worn by dogs at Halloween are sexist because they perpetuate gender stereotypes.


In an article entitled “Is your dog’s Halloween costume sexist?” the Post’s business reporter Abha Bhattarai claims that the “glass ceiling appears to be firmly in place at PetSmart,” a pet store with a range of costumes for dogs.


Bhattarai bemoans that “career costumes labeled ‘male’ include firefighter and police officer, while female dogs can choose between a pink cowgirl costume and pink loofah.”


She goes on to complain that on BaxterBoo.com, an online pet store, options for female dogs include a “sweet heart nurse or French maid,” whilst the choices for male dogs include “firemen, mob boss and doctor.”


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  1. Edward Healion said:

    We don’t care what The Washington Post thinks. If they don’t like it, don’t dress up your own dog(s) and don’t go to any doggie Halloween parties! Ya got that!!!???